November 4, 2016

Before I get blasted I searched the forums but my case is different.

My 2004 Denali drivers side mirror glass is broken. I have already ordered 2 replacement mirrors with back plates on Amazon and neither one fit.

Using the VIN I have not found a site that lists all the options I think I have and the VIN does not help on any sites I have tried with determining all the mirror features my Denali has.

I know it has the led turn signals, heat, power fold, power adjust, puddle light. I am not sure if it has auto dimming. I thought ours only had that for the rear view. I also noticed after months of searching that the auto dimming mirror glass appears to have a coating on the glass although I cannot confirm

One of the ones I got from amazon had a completely different looking back plate. The other one looked like mine but It would not snap on to the motor.

I cannot find a diagram that show all the parts based on my VIN. I did find a diagram that looked like there was a white ring that went over the motor and it looked like the mirror snapped to that.

I have pictures of my mirror shell and whats left of the back plate. I don`t have that mysterious white ring and I don`t know what its for.

Please help me before I face the dreaded Wrath of Wife. I cannot figure out why the one I ordered that looked just like mine didn`t fit. The other confusing part it that it does appear that although my backplate is not in great cosmetic shape that its the same part yet it still wont snap on the motor. Which is why I am wondering what that white ring is I have seen in a few diagrams.

Not parts store in town can find it so its getting very discouraging. I have tried all the sites mention in older post and only a few have diagrams but they look like they are drawn with crayons and don`t list the part numbers.

My wife cant see to change lanes and wants to take it to the stealer to be fixed.

I see Denali`s everywhere (and while I haven`t stole anyones mirror yet I am almost to the point where I would leave them an envelope with cash for their mirror).

Any help would be great.



2004 mirrorless GMC Yukon Denali